1) I sent you bitcoins but my balance hasn't increased, what gives?

Do not worry your Bitcoins will not be lost. We need 3 confirmations of your transaction to make sure your bitcoin valid and sometimes the accrual of funds is carried out later after 3 confirmation and its depend on your Bitcoin wallet network. Maybe you not used old Bitcoin address for re-deposit (Bitcoins transferred more than once on the same address), every deposit is requires a new Bitcoin address, and after receiving the Bitcoins, Bitcoin address is no longer used, and if you send BTC for such an address, funds will not be automatically credited, or you have any other problem with charging of the deposit, reach us by send us email with your username, hash transaction and your wallet address, send to or better screen shot and we will solve your problem.

2) It's passed 30 minutes but my balance still hasn't increased. Why?

Not to worry, if you bitcoin deposit to the address provided and your wallet support multisig address and not making double spent, then you will still receive the deposit. Sometimes it takes longer different from any service provider bitcoin wallet but If that so, please send us an email to support@ with username, hash key of your transaction and your BTC Address

3) Deposit has confirmed but my balance not increase, what happened?

Not to worry, you should know that every bitcoin deposits requires confirmation from the 2 different accounts. If you already have an account at confirmation of between 1 to 6 then the bitcoin just send to our bitcoin deposits address. Our bitcoin deposit address we will confirm again to make sure it is valid and there is no double spend. We need at least 3 confirmation obtained from our deposit address, not the address of your bitcoin wallet, because we have no right to access your bitcoin wallet. Normally we require 5 to 15 minutes to re-confirm bitcoin that you send to us.

4) My Deposit Rejected, how come?

Well, it's depend on your bitcoin wallet. Not depend on our wallet or our network, how to prevent this? Right now we try to contact blockchain to find any solutions for this. But don't worry, your deposit or bitcoin will returned into your wallet by blockchain network.

Yes, your deposit will not go through into your balance even you have deposit history and will never confirmed. We only need 3 confirmations before your deposit will go through into your balance to make sure bitcoin valid. You can send us email to delete rejected deposit history with provide your username and tx hash id and we will delete it for you. More information about this please read forum below

Transaction Rejected Information - 1 and Transaction Rejected Information - 2

Deposit with transaction failed and already credited into member account balance will take out by OurBTCSite and will return nothing.

5) Is there a maximum limit on how much I can deposit?

No, you can deposit as much as you like. Your balance will be credited with the Bitcoins you transferred to the address shown after clicking the deposit button.

6) Does the OurBTCSite have a minimum limit on how much I can deposit?

Since our wallet provider not allowed minimum below BTC so we set minimum possible deposit amount is minimum_deposit); ?> BTC, below minimum will not process by our wallet provider and we both losing bitcoin.

7) Does the OurBTCSite have a limit on how much I can withdraw?

The minimum possible withdrawal amount is BTC. There's an administration fee equal to BTC charged to each withddrawal.

8) Can i claim by BTC Mining Reward every time?

Yes, you can. When button reward available then you can click or claim each available button show 

9) Do i need to come back every day to claim?

NO, once your reward button empty then you can come back again in 24 hours to get more reward.

10) What happen if im not online around 1 month?

If you not login between 30 days, your account automatically suspended in order inactive account. If your account suspended cause inactive, you can sent us support ticket and we will help you to activated again.

11) Can i claim free bitcoin from faucet?

For now, we have not provide free faucet. Soon will be available

12) BTC mining reward to low, why?

You can get more reward by upgrade your account level. To upgrade your account level you can click Upgrade button

13) I can't register, what happen?

If you use firefox browser, maybe you have problem with your firefox or to much add on. Try different browse like CHROME etc

14) When i open this website or login, my browser crash

Most like point 17 above, because it's work fine with us. If your browser to much add on it will crash. We suggest use chrome, mean while we still work on it to make it more compatible with firefox. However you can still find out what cause your firefox crash by visit here or here or even type about:crashes in your browser address bar

15) Do you have maintenance schedule?

Yes we have, we maintenance our system each week or month and only for 5 minutes. Member will inform 15 minutes before scheduled, and maintenance required to sign out for each member. Maintenance might be required to flush or delete all history including chat history. Because of that, when you re-login and see all history removed, please do not send us any ticket or question because we already informed you about this and will informed to you about maintenance 15 minutes before maintenance run.